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Utes Removal MelbourneDo you have an old or rusty van or ute that you need to get rid of? Melbourne Cars for Cash is here to help you!

We offer Vans and Utes removal service in Melbourne in a very convenient and simple manner. With our cash for car service, you are guaranteed the best price for your Vans and Utes. With us, you don’t need to pay anything, as we offer free vehicle removal service for your scrapped and wrecked van and Utes. We ensure that your old piece of junk holds value and thus we offer you the top dollars to remove it from your backyard. You can just sit back and count the cash in your hand, while we do the heavy work for you.

We buy all the makes and models of the Vans and Utes and in every condition possible. Whether it’s wrecked, damaged, broken, scrap, used or is not roadworthy, no matter what condition your van is in, we are willing to buy it with cold hard cash!! We provide you with the same day van and Utes removal service in Melbourne.

Eco-Friendly Vans and Utes Disposal!!

Vans and Utes have a bit of steel weight in the vehicle body itself, so it’s important to sell your scrap van to a specialised van wreckers, who has all the knowledge of the weight and all the makes and models of the Vans and Utes. Our dedicated team of expert wreckers and dismantlers will break apart the vehicle and recycle the selected parts or the entire vehicle depending on its current situation. We have teamed up with some of the best industry appraisers who are well aware of the different value of all the parts which allows us to offer the best price and eco-friendly car disposal service in Melbourne.

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